Favorite Products

There are a lot of things I use regularly that I feel I cannot live without.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite kitchen must-haves.

European Style Butter Dish – This style butter dish has REVOLUTIONIZED my buttering needs in the kitchen.  I use butter a lot. Healthy, nutrient rich, grass-fed butter of course. This style container lets you keep the butter – ON THE COUNTER- so it is always soft and spreadable.  I do not understand how the rest of the U.S.A. has not adopted this style.

Vitamix Blender – I understand that this is a pricey blender.  I cannot say I have tested the lower cost high speed blenders, but I have heard some good things.  So feel free to give one of those a try, too.  But I do love my Vitamix, and there are some things you just cannot make in a regular blender.  Especially nut milks, which I make a lot of, so this is absolutely worth it to me.  I use this almost as often as I use the stove and 10 times more than I use a microwave!

Food Dehydrator – This is something that I use pretty regularly, and that I highly recommend if you want to include many nuts and seeds in your diet.  They can be really tough on digestion and slow to move from…let’s say Point A to Point B.  Soaking, then dehydrating raw nuts and seeds really improves their digestibility and maintains their great nutrition (as opposed to the high heat of oven roasting.) Of course there are hundreds of other snacks to be made.  I love dehydrated bananas, which basically turn into candy.  You can even make your own grass-fed beef jerky.

Vidalia Chop Wizard – I have a problem dicing onions.  They really make me cry.  This baby has saved my eyes many a times for recipes requiring a chopped onion.  It is also fantastic for dishes in which you want all the veggies to be of uniform shape and size and you want to get them chopped quickly.  It’s super easy to use and easy to clean.  I received it kind of as a joke present years ago, thinking it would go to the back of a cabinet never to be seen again, but I get this out all the time for bulk chopping needs.

Garlic Press – Forget those crazy garlic chopping contraptions with multiple parts and crazy zig zagging blade that you can never get to thread through its corresponding hole.  I hate those things.  Just get a garlic press with a one-squeeze slicing function or instant crushed garlic. I definitely use this most days of the week.  I eat a lot of garlic. I also use the press portion for ginger.

Citrus Press – You need this.  Trust me.  Forget those pointy things that require all that twisting and pressing.  Just squeeze your hand and get all the juice that you can out of a lemon or lime (or small orange variety) for all those citrusy applications.  I don’t know how I lived without this before I had one!  One tip: make sure you wash it right after using it, as citrus juices are pretty corrosive.  If you repeatedly let it sit too long with the juice in it, it will corrode.  Been there.


Disclosure: These are affiliate links, and I do receive a small commission on any sale through my website.  However, these are products that I do use and truly love.  I will never recommend a product I do not find useful.

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