Hi, I’m Caitlin and welcome to my cupboard.  I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences. I have been working as a health coach since 2006 and medical massage therapist since 2008.  Until health and wellness became my primary career focus, I was a professional dancer in New York City, doing the thing that most dancers in NYC do- working as a fitness instructor and a 9-5 non-profit worker.

I am many things, but one of the defining elements of my character is my commitment to health.  Healthy food, a healthy planet, a healthy way of thinking, all things healthy.  I am also a mom.  What I have learned about healthy living over the years has not only resolved many of my own chronic health woes, but paid off for my son. I am always in the kitchen, inventing healthy dishes and using food as my frontline of defense for illness prevention and treatment.

This blog is for me to share my healthy ways with others.  To provoke thinking outside of the conventional box.  It’s usually pretty tasty, and sometimes strange at first (trust me, Kombucha is easy and tasty!).  I mix old school traditional nutrition with the newest theories on the block to find what works best for my body and my family.  It changes with seasons, with age, and with emotions, so listening to my body’s needs keeps me on my toes.  I encourage you to start to listen to yours, and try out some new things when your routine doesn’t seem to be leaving you feeling your best.

My Journey

I wasn’t always this healthy.  In fact, I was a pretty average eater until my mid-twenties when a few strange things began happening to my body.  Mostly in the form of eczema that hopped around as it saw fit.  I went to a GP who sent me to a dermatologist who looked at my hands at the time and said, “You have eczema.  It’s normal.”  At that moment, something clicked.  I did not think this was normal.  I thought something was wrong with me.  Why would my body turn on me, if all was well inside?  A volcano doesn’t just show up on the surface of the Earth one day.  She prescribed a steroid cream, and that was the last time I saw her.

I went down the nutritional rabbit hole, and after a throat infection and a round of antibiotics that made everything get 100 times worse, I entered operation “Fix Gut.”  I investigated appropriate vitamins and supplements that might help me heal and made a couple of radical changes to my diet, and am happy to report that I have held my eczema at bay since 2008.  My rabbit hole didn’t just involve food theories, but a deep exploration of every system of the body, especially digestion and endocrine.  I completed a health coaching program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition at beginning of all of this that stressed the notion that each body is an individual that needs a specifically tailored diet and way of eating.  Aside from a few obvious ground rules (We need vegetables and clean water)  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, or exercise for that matter.

I became the healthiest I have ever been by the time I turned 30, and my food as medicine “tricks” have prevented many a colds and illnesses from manifesting over the years.  They’ve also worked for my son, who at almost 6, has never had an ear infection or a fever.  I truly believe that how we treat our bodies on the inside is how our body will act on the outside.  So get out your notepads, and let me show you how I do all this with what is in my cupboard. Thanks for reading!


While I may be very well read, I am not a medical doctor. The foods, supplements, and exercises I recommend are to be taken as “infotainment” only, and you should discuss any medical concerns with a trusted practitioner of your choosing. 

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